Why Should You Service Your Vehicle ? A little love and care can go a long way.

Sometimes it’s a love or hate relationship, sometimes it’s just a form of getting you from A to B, “with a little luck there is no C”

Having a reliable vehicle gives you the freedom to cruise the streets and allows you to be independent and flexible. It’s your pride and joy.
But are you taking proper care of it?
One of the most important aspects of vehicle ownership is sometimes neglect, not talking about just keeping it clean to protect paintwork and trim, – servicing is key.

A vehicle service, including an engine oil and filter change, is vital for your car’s health, and needs to be performed on time, every time, if you want your car to run smoothly, efficiently, reliably and safely.
Motorists try to spend as little on their vehicle as possible, so when money’s short it can be tempting to skip a service.
But, by choosing not to look after your vehicle properly, you run the risk of racking up much bigger bills later.

Not to mention the extra expense and downtime should a breakdown occur. 
Preventative maintenance is a term widely used in the motor industry but as vehicles are getting more technology the repair costs are growing also.
The earlier problems are caught, the cheaper they are to fix. Plus, having your car regularly serviced is a great selling tool.

The cost of a service (including oil and filter change) can start from $160, pricing dependent on your specific vehicle and how in-depth a service you require. A replacement second-hand engine can cost anything from $3500 upwards, depending on vehicle type, engine mileage, and used engine stock.
A blown head gasket replacement could cost anywhere from $2500.

Some components make up a part of regular maintenance (cambelt and water pump) but can also cause expensive engine repairs if they fault due to
lack of servicing.

Suddenly the price tag for a yearly check doesn’t sound so bad. 

There are replacement intervals or a service schedule for most components found in your car. These intervals can also be both time- and distance travelled based whichever comes first and can cover anything from air, pollen and fuel filters, to engine oil, antifreeze and driveline fluids.

If you’re one to simply purchase a litre bottle as a top up, beware as you can slowly clog up your car’s engine from the inside. Over time, the slow degradation of the oil lubricating properties causing catastrophic failure.
Unlike fine red wine, oil ages badly and over time it degrades.

KAAR recommends consulting your owner’s handbook for the manufacturer’s service schedule which can vary from 15,000 to 30,000km service intervals. As your vehicle ages and gets higher Km’s consider getting more frequent servicing.

At the very least consider getting your service done with your yearly Warrant of Fitness Inspection.

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