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What our Customers are Saying

For any business, the best advertising is word of mouth – it’s about what others are saying about us. Here’s what some of KAAR’s customers are saying about KAAR Avondale, KAAR Henderson and KAAR Mobile, West Auckland.

Read what our customers have to say and next time you ask, “Where can I take my car to be serviced in West Auckland?” you’ll think of KAAR first.

I appreciate everything you do for me, and am proud to have known you for over 20 years. Thank you very much! 10/10


None Needed. 10/10


Really happy with your service. will be using you for everything from now on. 10/10


Great service. 10/10


Valet of the car, would make it a 10. 9/10


Great service and got everything sorted really quickly. 10/10


Fast effective and looking forward for the next service / wof is car grooming done with the service? wasnt sure of this. 9/10


Very happy with the car service thank you – extremely thorough! Customer service is great too. Just one (very small) suggestion… As with the Extensive Plus Service, it would be quite a nice touch to have your car washed as well with the Extensive Service. 9/10


Very happy with this company, trustworthy and professional. I would recommend KAAR, Thank you. Daniel. 10/10


I appreciated being kept informed, in detail, of all the work being carried out on the car. Staff were always available for questions and answered all questions fully. The loan of the courtesy car was invaluable. I also appreciated being told exactly what is wrong with the workings of the car. This is often overlooked as being too difficult to explain or the customer would not understand. Thanks. 9/10