Online Resources

Online Resources

Online Resources

Ever wondered where to go to found out answers to some of those vehicle-related questions you are forever asking? The KAAR online resources page has the answers. Here are some of the most commonly searched vehicle-related websites:

NZ Transport Agency: Online Services

NZTA’s Online Services allows you to complete some motor vehicle and driver licensing transactions online. Registration, road users and change of ownership.

Car Jam: Car history checks and reports

Jam packed with free car facts, history, WOF and registration expiry dates, vehicle valuations and checks.

Consumer Affairs NZ: Buying a Motor Vehicle – check before you drive

This guide will help you get “fit for the road” by minimising your risks of getting a “bad deal” when buying a motor vehicle.

Turners Auctions: sell or buy a used car

New Zealand’s largest auction house for easily selling or buying a used car.

Trade me: Valuations

Check vehicle valuations by seeing what similar vehicles have sold for at recent auctions and sales.

Alfa Westcity: Towing Service

24/7 reliable service for emergencies and accidents.

Shield Brothers Avondale

Alan Wakelin Panel Beaters

In-service certification (WoF and CoF) : NZTA Vehicle Portal

The place for regulations regarding warrant of fitness & Certificate of fitness inspections.