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Hybrid Vehicle Servicing

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Hybrid Vehicle Servicing

Since KAAR began vehicle servicing almost 30 years ago, our team has been committed to keeping up with the many advancements in vehicle motor technology. That way, we can guarantee high-quality and informed vehicle servicing and repairs every time you bring your eco-car to one of our West Auckland garages.

This includes hybrid car (HEV and PHEV) and electric car (EV) servicing. We have a team of mechanics who are fully trained in servicing, maintaining and repairing your eco-car. That includes:

Hybrid Vehicle Servicing

All cars need servicing, including hybrid vehicles. Hybrid cars – sometimes called hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) – run on a combination of electricity and petrol which means may require slightly different treatment then either an ICE or an EV. Similarly, PHEVs which can be charged via electricity or via the petrol engine.

While they have a battery powered component to consider, both PEVs and HEVs also still have the petrol-powered car components such as fluids, filters, brakes and tyres.

Whether you’re looking for Toyota Prius servicing or some other hybrid vehicle servicing, our team are fully trained and ready to service all makes and models of HEV and PHEV.

Our Hybrid Vehicle Service Checklist

Our Hybrid Vehicle Service Checklist includes:

  • Battery test and replacement if required.
  • Oil and filter change.
  • Belt checks and replacement if required.
  • Tyre safety check (pressure and condition), including tyre rotation if required.
  • Transaxle fluid replacement.
  • Filter checks including air, cabin and fuel filter replacements at the recommended time.
  • Electronic and computer test.
  • A/C and battery cooling operation.
  • Dashboard warning lights.
  • Wipers, washers and horn check.
  • Brake test and clean if needed.
  • Inspection of drive axles and CV boots.

And, we supply a full service record as proof that your HEV has been properly inspected and serviced.

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For EV servicing, visit our Electric Vehicle Servicing page.

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