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Electrical Repairs
Electronic Repairs

It’s a hassle having to take your car to two or three different places to repair one fault. Alongside KAAR’s full mechanical service, we offer a full auto-electrical facility. From vehicle rewiring to a basic trailer or caravan plug, our experienced auto electricians can resolve any vehicle electrical issue.

We take care of your vehicle’s electronic repairs too. Engine check light, SRS, EPS, and all those other lights – you don’t need to know what they’re for because our auto technicians do. If a light comes on on your car’s dashboard, give KAAR a call. We’ll know what it’s for and what needs to be done to repair it.

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“With two convenient West Auckland locations, Henderson and Avondale, KAAR is the place to go for Auckland vehicle repairs. Our fully equipped vehicle workshops and professional team of service technicians.”

Kelvin Armstrong