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Warrant of Fitness

West Auckland Warrant of Fitness Checks

Both KAAR service facilities, in Henderson and Avondale, have service technicians who are fully qualified and accredited WoF inspectors.

We guarantee a full and fair Warrant of Fitness inspection of your vehicle. If we find any issues with your car, we can repair it onsite, or you are free to take it elsewhere.

Or book in a KAAR mobile mechanic. At the same time as he gives your vehicle a full service, he’ll take it for a WoF check, and take care of any repairs, if required (terms and conditions apply).

Combine your WoF with a Full Vehicle Service

Why not combine your next Warrant of Fitness inspection with a full vehicle service or repair. That way, you only need to bring your car to the garage once.

We’ll also check other items outside the WoF inspection:

  • Service Due date/km’s
  • Oil/fluid Leaks
  • Brake pads

And if you ask, tyre pressures and oil levels – for free!

Contact KAAR, to book your next WoF.

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