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Engine, Gearbox Repairs

The clutch is a pivotal part in the engine of a manual vehicle because, while the engine spins all the time, wheels do not. So, in order for a car to stop without stalling, the wheels need to be disconnected from the engine somehow. That’s what the clutch does.

Cars need gearboxes also. Every engine has a maximum rpm value above which the engine cannot go without being damaged. The gearbox allows the gear ratio between the engine and the drive wheels to change as the car speeds up and slows down. You shift gears so the engine can keep the rpm within a limit that is safe for the motor.

It seems logical that we should look after such important parts of a vehicle’s engine, but we often don’t.

Even in this day when most vehicles have auto-transmission, the team at KAAR have expertise and experience in clutch repairs and the maintenance and repair of manual gearboxes.

If your clutch is slipping, your gearbox grinding, or you just get the feeling they’re not performing as they should, bring your vehicle into one of KAAR’s West Auckland service centres (Henderson or Avondale), and we’ll work some KAAR magic.

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