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Car Engine Check Light On?
Get it scanned right away!

Chances are your car is running in limp mode, using more fuel and has less power. Getting it sorted now can help prevent costly repairs later.

Our technicians are trained on all vehicle makes and models including European brands like VW, Audi and BMW.

Combine KAAR’s high-tech specialist vehicle motor scanning and vehicle diagnostic equipment with our fully trained auto-technicians, and you’ve got a pretty skilled car service and repair team!

When you book your vehicle in for a diagnostic check at KAAR, it will be analysed by some of the latest and most advanced vehicle diagnostic equipment. We’ll uncover anything that might be causing vehicle problems or vehicle motor inefficiency. You can be confident, whether it’s a software issue, component failure, or misadventure, we’ll pinpoint the problem and have your vehicle performing reliably and efficiently in no time.

Please note: Anyone can plug in a diagnostic scanner to an engine and extract a code; only a trained and experienced technician can understand the results and diagnostic procedure required to gain an accurate diagnosis. Don’t get caught out by paying a scanner charge and having a technician simply fit replacement parts without first making a full check on that part.

At KAAR we’ve had customers who have followed a scanner and part replacement process costing them thousands only to find their vehicle is still not fixed. After allowing our KAAR technicians to run proper tests and analyse the data correctly, we have found the fault is nothing to do with an engine part, the actual fault has been a connection or software issue.

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“With two convenient West Auckland locations, Henderson and Avondale, KAAR is the place to go for Auckland vehicle repairs. Our fully equipped vehicle workshops and professional team of service technicians.”

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