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What part of the mechanical system within a car fails more than any other? And why?

It’s the cooling system. And, when a vehicle’s cooling system or radiator develops leaks or other faults, the most common cause is lack of service, i.e owner neglect!

Like every other part of your vehicle, the radiator and cooling system are more complex than they once were. At KAAR, we’re experts in all aspects of radiator repair and servicing. We know what it takes to maintain or repair your vehicle cooling system.

The modern day cooling system contains electronically controlled water pumps, thermostats, control valves and of course cooling fans, these systems can be very difficult to diagnose, our KAAR technicians are well versed in diagnostics and repairs.

We also have expertise in the various coolants used in the cooling system of your car, van, 4×4 or light truck. We’ll make sure the rust inhibitors, anti-freeze and other additives in your cooling system are compatible with each other and with your vehicle type. Because a lot of issues can arise from incorrect coolant, whether it is a compatibility or mixing issue, or misadventure.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have cooling system issues, you can be assured KAAR will only use quality, tested replacement parts, to ensure no further damage will be caused to your engine.

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