Payment and Finance Options

Payment &
Finance Options

Payment &
Finance Options

We offer all the options of payment you would expect from a professional facility, though we no longer accept cheques, shells, trinkets, muskets or blankets!

Putting the funny stuff aside, it’s important to us to consider our customers perspective and offer a range of solutions, so you can keep your vehicle in peak reliable condition.

Disclaimer – In our selection of finance providers we have considered the short term interest free solutions being our perspective of best offers. Though we advise should you choose to any provider you seek independent financial advice from a qualified/certified financial advisor.

Accepted Payment Terms
Cash, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Bank Transfer & NZISS Payments

KAAR account – We operate fleet accounts for companies, these are strictly 20th of the following month and on an application process please contact us for further information.

Cardlink – Usually used for company fleets, primarily known as a fuel card it also can be set up for vehicle servicing. Cardlink has a number of products, though has now condensed to CardSmart.

Gem Visa – Similar to a standard credit card

  • 6 Months interest free on purchases $250 and over
  • Applications can take 7-10 days
  • Annual fee $52
  • Establishment fee $55
  • Interest rate should be considered and advise checking prior
  • Transaction fee payed by us

Qcard –  Similar to a standard credit card but you have access to a range of interest free deals and payment holidays.

  • 6 Months zero interest & zero payments.
  • The application can take 7-10 days,
  • The annual fee is $50 though considering the offer of interest-free period it’s worth considering
  • The interest rate should be considered and advise checking prior.

Afterpay -No long applications or complicated terms & conditions. Have your email, phone number, address, DOB, and debit/credit card handy—that’s it.

  • 6 weeks interest-free.
  • Simple application process
  • App has your credit limit and payments displayed
  • works just like a payment card or Apple-pay

ZIP – Firstly you need to create an account get the pre-approval, by downloading the app or online. Then you can use Zip at out check out when picking up your vehicle. Quick and easy.

  • You pay 25% of the account upfront to us on pickup of vehicle, Zip is a ‘Pay in 4’ installment product, allowing the customer to spread the cost of their purchase across 6 weeks;
  • The remaining balance paid in 3 x 25% fortnightly installments.
  • Application process is quick
  • Zip is designed for purchases up to $1,000, with customers assigned a spending limit based on their individual credit score.
  • To process Zip payments in person, you could use our Zip merchant portal, for more information on how this works click here.
  • We pay the Zip merchant fee

Work and Income Assistance (WINZ) – Yes WINZ can assist you for car repairs!

We understand there are circumstances that vehicle repairs are not budgeted for and you may be eligible for assistance. We will not judge you! we welcome being part of the process to enable you to get the job done correctly.

Quotations are required for WINZ! But first, we need to know exactly what work is required for a satisfactory outcome. Book the vehicle in for an inspection and/or diagnosis, (there is a charge for this) we will then give you an itemised estimation/quotation for the repair that you can email or take with you to your WINZ appointment.

Note: Do not let the cost of this inspection or diagnosis discourage you as there is no other way to be transparent.

  • If someone offers this service for free you will be paying for it in one way or another.
  • WINZ will not pay for an incorrect diagnosis or do the job twice, ultimately you are paying for the repair, so why not get a professional facility to do it right!

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