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Electronic Engine Tuning

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Electronic Engine Tuning

Today’s vehicle engines are built to last, provided they’re taken care of – that’s our job. When it comes to tuning your car’s engine and ensuring maximum engine performance, KAAR is the place to go.

Our trained technicians, in combination with on-going specialist external and internal training, know how to tune the motor of your car, van, 4×4 or light truck to ensure optimum engine performance. Using specialist diagnostics, and with access to the correct subscribed specification catalogues, we’ll give your vehicle a tune-up and have it performing great in no time.

Indications that you need to treat your car
to a vehicle tune-up include:

  • if your vehicle’s engine is running rough
  • if your vehicle isn’t idling properly
  • if your vehicle’s using too much fuel
  • if your vehicle’s motor has an intermittent hic-cup
  • if it’s been six months or more since your last vehicle tune up.

We’ve been tuning West Auckland cars for over 25 years – let us work some KAAR magic on your motor.

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“With two convenient West Auckland locations, Henderson and Avondale, KAAR is the place to go for Auckland vehicle repairs. Our fully equipped vehicle workshops and professional team of service technicians.”

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