Road Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids

school bus

Road safety is incredibly important for our kids to learn, so here are the top tips to teach them…

Look, Look, Listen

It is important to model good behaviour around your kids. So before you cross any road, pause to look both ways and to listen for traffic. Always use a pedestrian crossing if there is one available.

Close To Home

It is easy to get complacent when you are close to the safe haven that is home. Teach cautiousness and common sense. Don’t play near the road, don’t run onto the street to grab a stray ball, be very mindful of cars in the driveway.

Car Safety

Keep safe in and around the car by..

  • Having all children sit in the backseat, properly seatbelted into an appropriate carseat
  • Abiding by the road rules and driving to the conditions
  • Don’t park on yellow lines, close to intersections or across driveways, instead park on the side of the road or in a designated car park
  • When dropping your children off, let them out on the footpath side of the car

Bike Safety

Stay safe when biking by…

  • Always wearing a helmet
  • Biking with your children, especially if they are 10 years old or younger
  • Keeping the bike properly maintained with working brakes and reflectors
  • Wearing high visibility clothing and using lights if riding at night
  • Riding single file on the road