Keep Your Car Gleaming

When washing your car, you want the effort to be worth it, once finished you want to step back and admire a once dull vehicle transformed into a gleaming specimen.

Have you ever noticed annoying water spots left on the paintwork and glass after washing your vehicle and wondered, first, how they got there and, second, how to remove them?

By applying a few basic methods, you can produce a much better shine and long-term benefits.

  • Do not use household dishwashing detergent as a cheap replacement for car washing liquid
  • Starting at the higher surfaces first, use a mitt or cloth to dip into the bucket. The cloth must have the ability to contain washed-off dirt particles in their fibres and away from direct contact with paintwork.
  • Avoid using a flat, smooth sponge, as it can retain dirt particles on its top surface, which can scratch paintwork.
  • Always work your way downwards and towards the dirtiest panels and trims and change water as necessary
  • Continue to keep uncleaned surfaces wet using a hose before handwashing.
  • Allow water to flow over the body when rinsing off, rather than using a spray, to help avoid water spots.
  • Never wash a vehicle in the heat of the day, in bright sunshine or even when the body panels are warm to touch.
  • Park over a grass area to stop contaminated water entering stormwater drains.
  • Hose the vehicle down to remove any apparent loose grime/dirt, have a quick coffee break and then repeat.
  • Pour in the appropriate amount of wash/wax first and then add water to a bucket by placing a hose at the bottom to create a swirl action and to ensure thorough mixing of product and water.
  • Do not leave vehicle surfaces wet, as minerals in tap water can create panel and trim issues, while water spots can appear when the water finally evaporates.
  • Use a microfibre cloth to dry.
  • Avoid using any old discarded bathroom towels to dry vehicle as they can also retain fine dirt particles on their surface and create scratches in paint.
  • If you apply a polish afterwards, do not rub hard to remove leftover film, as it will remove the wax.
  • Glass roofs, in particular, can be left with bad water spotting after washing, so ensure good water flow is maintained after hand wash.
  • Use a proven automotive glass cleaner to remove any remaining blemishes or water spots on all glass areas.
  • Give your tyres a shine.
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