Not using your car – Battery care

Many questions are being raised about vehicle care and specifically concerns about your vehicle batteries, whilst the vehicle is not being used.   There is a lot of misinformation in the marketplace, so this article I intend to address your concerns.

Do I need to disconnect my vehicle battery?

NO, It is best not to disconnect your vehicle battery, as this may cause more issues with your car electronics. If you have replaced your vehicle battery in the last three years, you likely need to do nothing, as new calcium battery technology (which most new batteries have) have a longer shelf life than the older lead acid type.

Three years is just the usual warranty period, but we find batteries are lasting up to five, pending usage and health, and of course having a flat battery from leaving the lights on etc, will reduce the life also.

If your battery is older, or you have no idea when it would have been replaced, or when it would have been tested, if you are a customer of ours, we would have tested it at the last service, so you should be OK. An obvious advantage of a well maintained vehicle, at a quality service facility.

If your battery has a known issue slow cranking in the morning, or just sounds a little sluggish, starting your car engine every three days and running your engine for 10 minutes or so, may save it from inconveniently failing over this period of isolation. Though I suggest you consider getting it checked and replaced at the earliest convenience and of course this is when the lock down is complete.

Fix: Too late my battery has failed. Unless you or your vehicle fall under the essential label, you are in a predicament. You will have to find alternative arrangements, unless of course you have a battery charger, though these new batteries require a special charger to get a full charge, but no harm in trying though. Once lock down is finished, you will either have to locate a new battery, call First Assist, AA or a Mobile Mechanic to rescue you.

Our recommendation is that if you are a multi car household, you alternate your vehicles when you are purchasing you essential items, i.e food etc

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