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What our Customers are Saying

For any business, the best advertising is word of mouth – it’s about what others are saying about us. Here’s what some of KAAR’s customers are saying about KAAR Avondale, KAAR Henderson and KAAR Mitsubishi, West Auckland.

Read what our customers have to say and next time you ask, “Where can I take my car to be serviced in West Auckland?” you’ll think off KAAR first.




Thanks very much for the great service by the team in Avondale, they really helped me out! 10/10


Your front end staff were very helpful and courteous and I know in any business first impressions are very important. I will certainly be recommending KAAR to any friends that are looking for a great mechanical service. 10/10


Great service and the loan car very much appreciated. 10/10


I do recommend KAAR to friends and colleagues. 10/10




Just like to say that I’m very thankful for the prompt work that Kaar Avondale have done to my car. I’m very pleased with there work. 10/10


When the problem has been diagnosed and solved in quite short time, I understood I have been used the service of SPECIALISTS! Thank you very much! You can’t believed I’ve been real appreciated! Because before I have been in several places… Thank you!!!!! 10/10


This is way better than the corporate place I went to previously great value for money , caring , and thoughtful service people , and my car is running so well now , getting 1 litre per 100k better now that’s a big saving , I will recommend to anyone to get their Mitsubishi serviced here. 10/10