Road Trip Games

school bus

Traveling in a vehicle with children can be a little tedious. After all, kids are not known for their ability to sit silent for hours on end. The constant, “Are we there yet?” can make some parents want to scream.

Maintain your sanity dear parent… with a few road trip games for them to play. Add prizes to make it even more fun or see the reward of pride on their face. Most importantly, the games need to be played fairly – no cheating – and have some fun.

  • I Spy – One of the most popular car games is “I Spy”, where you use the first letter or color for a hint. The person who guesses the item correctly wins.
  • Rock, Paper Scissors – This is another popular road game, and works by two players creating rocks, papers or scissors with their hands. Count to three and the players make their item.
  • Name The Tune – This can be done using TV theme songs or a CD. If you’re playing the version that involves a CD, have players guess the song title or even the artist who sings it. Add to the fun by asking players to guess where the artist is from, the album’s name, the year the album was released, etc.
  • Buzz – Try reaching 100 without a mistake. Each time you get a divisible by seven number or a number with seven in it, you’ll need to say “Buzz” rather than the number.
  • Odds/Evens – Two players will choose odds or evens. Counting to three, they’ll stick one or more fingers out.
  • Alphabet Game – Moving through the alphabet, players say words based on the next letter. For instance, A is for Apple, B is for Banana, C is for…. Each time a player must go, they need to say the previous letters.
  • Building Words – Using one letter at a time, create a word. Each player must add to a letter and needs to have an actual word in their mind.
  • 20 Questions – One player says they’re a thing, person or place. And, everybody must ask them 20 questions that is answered with either yes or no. The first to guess what the person is wins.
  • License Plate Lingo – Using the letters off vehicle license plates, everybody needs to come up with a lingo. For instance ESF – Everybody Sees Frank. When nothing else can be thought of, the letters from another license plate can be used. Keep in mind that the phrase needs to go in the exact order of the plate’s lettering.
  • Two Truths and One Lie – A person tells the players three things about themselves – one lie and two truths. The players need guess, which one of them is the lie.
  • Car Next To Yours – Make stories up about the people in the vehicle next to you.
  • Group Story – One person starts a story, stops and then points to another person to carry it on.
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