9 Useful Tips to Save on Fuel

There are many people who are unaware that how they drive can affect the amount of fuel the car consumes. With a few changes in your driving habits and maintaining your vehicle, you can cut down on your gas bill by nearly 20 percent.

What could 20 percent mean to you? That’s money you can put toward a vacation or throw at a bill to bring down. If everybody in New Zealand were to slice 20 percent off their bill, that’s over 600 million liters of gas saved on an annual basis. Or, the equivalent of 500,000 cars no longer on the roadways.

  • Drive In A Smooth Manner – When you accelerate, do it smoothly. You want to change gears early on without laboring the engine. If your vehicle is an automatic and has the overdrive switch, turn it on to keep the speed of the engine down.
  • Watch How Fast You Go – Did you know that decreasing your speed by 10 km/hr will reduce your usage of fuel by 10 percent?
  • Keep Your Eyes Forward – Be sure you maintain your focus on the road to ensure a safe following distance. Do this, and you’re sure to have a constant speed. You won’t use a lot of fuel because you won’t be speeding up or breaking as often.
  • Well-Maintained Vehicle – Be sure your tires are kept at the right pressure to save yourself money. Ensure your wheels are properly aligned. With a carefully maintained car, you better your fuel economy.
  • Reduce Your Vehicle Load – It seems like a no-brainer, right? A heavier vehicle will end up using more fuel. Therefore, when you’re not using certain items in your car, remove them from the vehicle.
  • Eliminate The Drag – Luggage boxes and roof-racks will cause a wind drag. So, if you’re not using them, remove them.
  • Decrease The Idle Time – If your vehicle won’t be moving for at least 30 seconds, turn the engine off.
  • Use Biofuels – A way to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and better air quality is to use biofuels in your car. Do a little research into where you can get biofuels.
  • Buy A Fuel-Efficient Vehicle – When you’re buying a vehicle, look for the Fuel Economy Label to see how much money and fuel you will save.

As you see, there are all kinds of ways you can save yourself money when it comes to gas. All you need to do is apply any of the above tips and see the money savings for yourself.

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