Nitrogen Tyre Filling

Tyrepic - Nitrogen Tyre Filling

You may have noticed in the past few years, many tyre shops will push to sell you nitrogen tyre fills rather than traditional compressed air. While some may advise somewhat true benefits, we get asked frequently what exactly are the benefits of filling your tyres with nitrogen instead of compressed air.

The problem is there is no way to know how much the tyre pressure will change with compressed air. With nitrogen, it’s easy to calculate with a baseline.

Nitrogen won’t stop the tyre from changing pressures, but for say, race teams running a car on the track, it’s easy to calculate knowing the temperature outside and of the track. While it’s good to have consistent tyre pressure for street driving, it’s essential to know what’s going on when racing. Nitrogen takes the guesswork out of it with a little math. Nitrogen molecules are also larger and less prone to simply seeping through, which is a nice positive as well.

But in reality, very few drive on a race track with their everyday vehicle.

Convenience factor – no need to check tyre pressures as often with nitrogen.

Inconvenience factor – when you do want to top up or adjust the tyre pressures on your vehicle you will have to visit a retailer. If you have a puncture, you will again have to visit a reseller of nitrogen.

But seriously how often do you check your tyre pressures now or historically.

Tyre pressures are easily checked, most fuel stations, have an easy free tool to use, or tyre pressures are checked at every service at KAAR we include your spare tyre also.

At the very least – If you have just purchased a new tyre of a set of tyres, make a point of checking the tyre pressures within the next few months.