Buy Local – Lift The Local Economy of Your Community

Your community depends on small businesses to survive, so this is why you should buy local…

The Money Stays

At the most basic level, shopping local means that the town’s money stays in the town. It does not disappear off to big corporations. It keeps local businesses operating and the town’s economy thriving.

Gaps In The Market

Local businesses quite often fill a gap in the market. They provide a service that no one else does. Their business earns well, and the community gets another feather in its cap.

You Know What You Are Getting

Buying products online can be dangerous as you can’t physically see or touch what you are paying for. But if the item is right there in a local shop, you can be assured of its quality and function.

Local Resilience

If your community is filled with producers and service providers, then you are well equipped to survive without outside influence. You don’t have to rely on importation, or for goods to be transported into town.

Money Circulates

When you shop local, the money can circulate throughout the community, where everyone benefits. As it continues to change hands between local businesses, the funds stay in local pockets.