“It’s rare that you hear people raving about their mechanics, but I have been raving about Kelvin Armstrong Auto Repairs for a month now. A few weeks ago I drove into a bus, damaging my front guard, fender, suspension and steering. I managed to limp to my husband’s mechanic (KAAR), at the time I was a little unsure as to where to start with the repair, panel beaters first or mechanical workshop.

The team at KAAR just said leave it with us, we’ll sort everything out for you. The following day they contacted me to inform when I should expect the car back, they took me through the repair process and asked if there was anything besides the insurance work I would like done. I really appreciated this mindful follow up because I was able to repair the damage from the accident and tidy up the rest of the vehicle for resale in the future (2 jobs in one hit). When I picked up the car it gleamed (I don’t think it’s ever been so clean) all the dents and bumps were gone, the steering and brakes were fixed; the car and I left the workshop purring. When I think KAAR, I think superefficient, and thoughtful. These guys meet your expectations and more. Extremely satisfied Customer Julie.”