Privacy, Data Security & Environmental Policy of KAAR

Through our processes we collect some personal data from clients and prospective clients.

Note: Some information is mandatory with the NZTA warrant of fitness process.

The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the services we provide. All data is kept secure and is not shared with any third party, we have a policy for our team in place and our software is secure. Any and all printed information is disposed by professional disposal services. 

If you choose to use our services/processes, then you agree to the collection and use of information.

Personal Data

Personal data is collected for the following purposes:

  •  Analytics
    Personal data: cookies; usage data.
  • Contacting the User
    Personal data: company name; email address; first name; last name; phone number; various types of data; website.
  •  Interaction with external networks and platforms
    Personal data: cookies; usage data.
  • Personal Interaction with you
    Vehicle service & warrant of fitness reminders and education; external networks and platforms.
    Vehicle repair job estimates; booking reminders.
    Social media platforms; education and news.


We do offer the ability to unsubscribe from any, or all of our services. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we will turn off any/all communication.


Vehicle Security

All vehicles under our care will be locked in our premises for overnight stays. In the rare event we are unable to store your vehicle securely inside, you will be called and advised.

After hours pickups – Keys will be contained in a secure lockbox unless otherwise stated.

Due care will be taken whilst your vehicle is in our care in all aspects of your vehicle security.   


Environmental Responsibility

We’re committed to self-imposed standards of environmental responsibility, because it reflects our commitment to a clean, green New Zealand.

  • Oil filters
    Used filters are caught and sent to be crushed – a process that extracts all the used oil, then sends the metal to be recycled.
  • Engine oil, contaminated fuel
    These are  contained and recycled via an external agent.
  • Tyres
    Used tyres are recycled and used in playgrounds & equestrian arenas to minimise their environmental impact.
  • Metals
    Cast iron, aluminum & milled steel waste generated in the process of mechanical repairs is separated and recycled.
  • Batteries
    We are very aware of the environmental threat posed by old batteries, regular batteries are sent to recyclers whilst PHEV, EV batteries are returned to suppliers to dispose of correctly.
  • Office
    Our responsibility extends from the workshop to the front desk, with all office cardboard and rubbish sorted and recycled.
  • Workshop
    Nil waste in stormwater drains is our policy.  We use specialised commercial floor scrubbing machines and dispose of waste correctly.