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Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle Servicing

We can help you with a service for your VW Golf, other European makes like BMW and Audi and any other vehicle makes and models.

Keep your car, 4×4, van or light truck running reliably and efficiently. Bring it into one of our KAAR Workshops here in West Auckland. Choose from the “Extensive” or “Minor” services on our vehicle servicing menu board or let us know what specific vehicle servicing or vehicle repair your car requires. Our professionally trained team will also assess your vehicle and advise of any up and coming service or maintenance requirements.

In Warranty (NZ New) Scheduled Servicing

For A, B, C, D, E, and S scheduled servicing on your NZ New Vehicle, KAAR, West Auckland is the place to go. At KAAR we have access to the factory information and technology. KAAR has the technical skill, and access to genuine parts, when required, to ensure your vehicle is maintained to retain your new car warranty.

KAAR Minor Service

20 point service

Includes 4.5 ltrs of 10w/40 Semisynthgetic Oil or 4.5 Ltrs of 5w/30 Fully Synthetic Oil

  1. Engine oil – Drain & replace
  2. Oil Filter – Remove & replace
  3. Brake Fluid – Inspect/test condition & top up fluid
  4. Clutch Fluid – Inspect/test condition & top up fluid
  5. Radiator Coolant – Inspect/test antifreeze condition & fill
  6. Cooling System – Visual check, including radiator cap and hoses
  7. Power Steering – Visual inspection & top up fluid
  8. Windscreen Washer Fluid – Top up & test window washer system operation and spray pattern
  9. Battery – Test condition, Inspect connections and security
  10. Air Filter – Inspect & Clean
  11. Gearbox/Auto Transmission – Inspect and top up fluid level
  12. Differential Fluid – Inspect and top up
  13. Transfer – Inspect and top up fluid
  14. Tyres/Wheels – Inspect condition and tread depth (incl. spare wheel if accessible)
  15. Tyres – Inspect and adjust pressures (incl. spare wheel if accessible)
  16. Wiper Blades – Inspect and assess all for performance
  17. Lights – Inspect and test exterior lights
  18. Door Hinges & Catches – Inspect & lube
  19. Service Warning indecator – Reset where applicable (subject to data and tooling availability)
  20. Road test vehicle to 50kms/ph

KAAR Extensive Service

Includes Minor Service Plus

Includes 4.5 ltrs of 10w/40 Semisynthgetic Oil or 4.5 Ltrs of 5w/30 Fully Synthetic Oil

  1. Spark Plugs – Inspect condition and advise (based on direct access to plugs)
  2. Ignition Leads – Visual inspection component condition (N/A for diesel)
  3. Fuel Filter – Visual inspection (if fitted and external from fuel tank)
  4. Cambelt – Visual search for date of replacement (if applicable)
  5. Drive Belts – Inspect condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (excludes cambelt)
  6. Charging System – Check operation
  7. Bonnet catch – Inspect latch and catch for corrosion and safe operation
  8. Cabin Filter – Inspect & Clean
  9. Exhaust System – Inspection, including mountings for security, leaks and noise
  10. Steering Rack – Visual inspection
  11. CV Boots – Visual inspection
  12. Steering – Visual Inspection for wear and corrosion
  13. Suspension – Visual Inspection of condition incl. mounting, leaks, wear and corrosion
  14. Engine/Transmission Mounts – Visual inspection
  15. Brakes Front – Visual inspection brake pads and discs for wear or damage (wheels off inspection)
  16. Brakes Rear – Visual inspection of brake linings/wheel cylinders/drums for wear or damage (wheels off inspection)
  17. Brakes Rear inc handbrake – Clean and adjust foot and hand brake travel
  18. Tyre detailing/polish

KAAR Premium Service

Includes Minor & Extensive Services Plus

Includes 4.5 ltrs of 10w/40 Semisynthgetic Oil or 4.5 Ltrs of 5w/30 Fully Synthetic Oil

  1. Engine oil Flush
  2. Scan – Carry out engine management system scan (subject to data and tooling availability)
  3. Wheels – Rotate & Balance (Balance front wheels only)
  4. Dust dashboard
  5. Vacuum interior cabin
  6. Vehicle Wash – Note: Not Available during water shortages

Note: KAAR only uses oils that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications, above pricing may vary from make & model.

All Packages/Services come with a safety inspection


Our Service Packages

At KAAR , our vehicle workshops are fully equipped to provide car, van, 4×4, and light truck repairs and servicing for all vehicle makes and models – petrol engine , diesel engine, and hybrid motors.

There is no need to use multiple repairers to maintain your car, we do the lot; motor tune-ups and repairs, brake repairs, suspension repairs, transmission repairs, clutch repairs, gearbox repairs, radiator flushing and repairs, car electrical and electronic repairs. Bring your car into one of our service centres–KAAR Avondale or KAAR Henderson–or book in for our KAAR mobile service to come to your home or office.

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