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Brake Repairs

Brake Repairs

It goes without saying, you want to be certain the brakes on your vehicle are performing to their absolute maximum. Noisy brakes, brake fade, worn brake pads, brakes that pull the car to the side; all can cause your car to fail its Warrant of Fitness or, even worse, cause an accident.

The team at KAAR, West Auckland, will quickly diagnose your vehicle brake problems, including European brands like VW, BMW and Audi. We can examine your squeaky or troublesome brakes and:

  • complete all brake repairs
  • replace worn brake pads with high-quality brake pads that are suitable and safe for your vehicle
  • drain and replace brake fluids
  • disc machine when required to ensure less chance of unwanted noises in the future, and
  • ensure your car brakes are in peak condition

And, you will be covered by the KAAR 20,000km comprehensive warranty. That includes our no squeal policy.

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