Car Maintenance 101

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Brake system, tune-ups, performance mufflers, and transmission repairs. Cars are valuable enough, both representing luxury and necessity. What’s more is after having spent a lot of your hard-earned money, maintaining its good condition is difficult without having it constantly serviced. And when it comes to that precious car, you can’t just go anywhere to have it fixed. Product and maintenance should go hand in hand. And a good auto shop company is just what you need to get the job done…and get it done right.

If you love your car you wouldn’t just take it to any old garage. And if dealerships are too expensive for you then you just have to settle for an auto repair shop that’s enough to work on your car without compromising the work of the service.

Of course there are auto repair shops that go beyond the call of duty in terms of fixing and providing for your car. What are the qualities you need to consider before you entrust your valued vehicle into the hands of another?

First, of course, is reputation. A well-known auto shop speaks for itself when we’re talking about good service. It’s great when their usual clients speak well of them, but its better if their competitors respect them as well. Some town repair shops usually rely on each other when there is a car problem they can’t seem to fix. Imagine having your car in the hands of the best repairmen in town, known not just through their clientele but as well as the competition.

Fully furnished and well-maintained facilities is another obvious quality. Having the capacity to handle tough jobs on your car, using top-of-the-line machinery shows, not just the shop’s capacity but also its commitment to delivering quality service through advanced equipment.

Clientele is another factor. The number and variety of vehicles an auto repair shop attends to speaks well of its capacity to attend to different classes of vehicles. It tells of how well it can accommodate, with a great deal of expertise, even the unique specifications of your car.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider customer service. Your car is not the ultimate client but you of course. A shop that looks after your best interest and attends to your comfort in as much as it does your vehicle is a plus factor.

Being particular about how your vehicle is taken care of is every car owner’s right. Whether it’s just for comfort and style or for practicality and function, either way, it’s about getting what you need for something well used and well earned.

Kelvin Armstrong Auto Repairs

Kelvin Armstrong Auto Repairs (KAAR) is recognised as the most competent, capable, and reliable automotive repairer west of the Auckland City isthmus.

With fully equipped, state of art facilities in both Avondale and Henderson, KAAR gives a choice of two handy locations for full automotive, mechanical, electrical repairs and servicing for all vehicles, including European makes and models like Audi, VW and BMW.

We cater for all makes and models of cars, vans, 4x4s and light trucks. We service petrol, diesel and hybrid motors.

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