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Some Quick Tips on How to Maintain Your Car

Being a KAAR, West Auckland, customer makes you a part of our KAAR-munity; that means we want to look after you and your car. So, if there is anything you need to know about your car repairs and maintenance, give us a call. Our motto is, “the only silly question is the one not asked.”

Answers to Common Car Maintenance Questions

With ten auto-technicians and years of experience, we’re well qualified to offer advice on how to get the most out of your vehicle. Here are some of the questions we get asked most often:

How often should I service my car?

If your car is still under warranty, the service history booklet will tell you how often and when it should be serviced. It will probably also point out that it should be taken to a specified service centre.

For cars out of warranty, servicing should be once a year minimum. This may differ, however, depending on the brand, model, or fuel type of your vehicle. It can also differ depending on the type of use; off-road vehicles require more maintenance than cars that do a low mileage.

In general, however, you should have your vehicle serviced every 10,000km or 12 months, whichever comes first.

What things should I look out for on my car?

  • Visual – If you tend to park your vehicle in the same place most days, look on the ground occasionally when you move the car. If there are oil marks or patches of green or red fluid, it’s time to check the oil and water. This is critical. Modern vehicles can be quite unforgiving and a small water leak, left unchecked, can lead to the need for major repairs.
  • Tyres – Take an occasional walk around your vehicle to ensure the tyres are correctly inflated and in good condition with no wear on the shoulders. Tyre pressures should be checked at least every six months. Correct pressure will vary from one vehicle to the next – give us a call if you need to know the correct pressure for your car tyres.
  • Take precautions – If you have our details in your glovebox or on a KAAR key-ring, then you are part of our KAAR-munity. That means, wherever you are, if you need mechanical help, we will find a way to assist you.

What oil does my car take?

Things have changed. Vehicle engines are more specific these days. Not only can different makes and models of car take different grades of oil, even within models it can come down to a number at the end of an engine code.

Ensure you know the specific oil required for your car’s motor. Incorrect oil can increase fuel consumption and make an engine more difficult to start.

Running Short of time?

Line up your next WOF with your regular vehicle service with KAAR’s 12 month WoF system. Save time by getting your vehicle service and WoF done on the same day. If you need assistance in planning this, we’re only too happy to help. For a small fee to cover insurance costs, you can book a a loan car–just let us know at the time you book in for your service.

Alternatively book our mobile mechanic service, we’ll come to your home or office/work place.