Is your engine check light on?

Car Engine Check Light On?

Get it scanned right away!

Chances are your car is running in limp mode, using more fuel and has less power. Getting it sorted now can help prevent costly repairs later.

We will scan and provide a full report –  Now only $74.75 until the end of August. Save 50%! Usually, $149.50. * Conditions apply.

A scan and report includes connecting one of our in-house scan tools and includes 30min labour (for the scan & report only). It does not include repairs or additional diagnostic time. If additional time is required for further diagnostics you will be advised of further costs.

This offer is available only if you use the form below or mention it at the time of booking.

Please note:
Rarely some vehicles may be outside our tool figment range, or your vehicle may have a fault that can’t be read. You will be advised if that’s the case and given options for solutions.

Should engine check light return, another scan fee will not be charged if you authorise us for further diagnostics or repair.